First of all, we can organize a meeting in which you will tell me how you envisage your most important day, what you like and what you can’t do without.

I can imagine the setting which suits you best, starting from the ceremony (religious, civil, outdoor, etc.), and creating the atmosphere and warmth you would like to be surrounded by through the use of flower decorations, plants, fabrics and other decorations especially made for you.


I can give you advice on how to choose from many types of reception according to your tastes and the number of your guests (seated lunch or dinner, buffet, brunch, “reinforced” cocktail, afternoon or after-dinner buffet, etc.), or propose a selection of EXCLUSIVE venues  suitable for your reception as it gradually becomes more defined. Then, I can suggest the right caterer  to you guaranteeing excellent service, high quality, great aesthetics and generous portions.

As an alternative I can propose one of the restaurants I have selected for their elegance and professionalism, where you, your family and friends will be welcomed in an environment especially tailored for the party you desire.


As for the music which will accompany the various moments of this amazing day, I will help you choose the solution which suits you best (two violins, violin and organ, soprano, violin and organ, string trio, string quartet, harp and violin and much more) and the perfect repertoire for both the religious ceremony and the reception.


Then, keeping in mind your possible wedding scenery, rich in colours, scents, flowers, confetti, fabrics and decorations (in some cases, especially created for your event), I will help you choose the best entertainment to further enliven your reception. And we could also choose together some young and likeable entertainers to take care of children guests, so that their parents can enjoy a peaceful wedding day.

The photographer

I will give special attention to the choice of the photographer: you will be portrayed in the most important day of your life by the best photographer available, in terms of both originality and quality of the photographic and video reportages.

The dress

Of course, I will help you choose your wedding dress. I will personally accompany you to the most suitable ateliers, after carefully selecting them, and give you advice on the various models and types of fabric.

All this to obtain the desired result: to be beautiful and fashionable, while at the same time choosing the dress which makes you feel most at ease.

Make up

Once you have chosen your dress, I will help you choose the most refined and elegant hairstyle and make-up with the advice of some of the best hair stylists and make-up artists I work with, or of your trusted artist.

Attention to details

If you wish, I can also help you choose and create the packaging for your wedding favours, design the tableau de mariage for the reception and develop and create specific decorations which will complete the scenery of your wedding, always in line with an elegant and refined style.

A real support

My goal is to allow you to save time while offering you the best quality, taking care of the tiniest details in each phase of your wedding: from legal documents to invitations, from your guests’ accommodation to floral design and so on.

On your wedding day, then, I will always be discreetly with you, to take care of the final details, coordinate things and check that nothing is left to chance, so that you can enjoy the harmony, warmth and  joy of this wonderful day.

If you choose to work with me, I can give you added value thanks to my experience, training and continual professional updating

Custom services

It is important to note that, as a wedding planner, I can take care of the whole organization of your event, but if you need help just for a part of the organization, do not hesitate to call me: I can give you the advice you require and help you with what you need most, taking into consideration the decisions you have already made and the places that are important for you.

Custom events

My professionalism is at your disposal also if you wish to celebrate with your family and friends a special anniversary, a christening, a degree or any other moment in your life that you want to make special and unforgettable… And if you want to give a surprise to your children with a party full of magic, all you need to do is call me.